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What causes black smoke comes from engine when you start your engine then you press the pedal down you will see black smoke and the...

Why black smoke comes from engine

Why black smoke comes from engine

What causes black smoke comes from engine

when you start your engine then you press the pedal down you will see black smoke and then it will cut off it is just a rich mixture but if when driving a black smoke is out just know that fuel is not completely burnt due to blow-by which is caused by worn-out piston rings or worn-out liners. the remedy is to replace the piston rings if the liners are ok.

oil leaks to the combustion chamber sing of piston/ piston ring wear or valve /valve seal not ok

Injector nozzle enlarged And more fuel is being injected

Because of the gasket has broken out Oil not burned

Incorrect ignition timing and oil leakage onto the exhaust system and also low fuel float or when the fuel filter is dirty

piston oil ring not working, dirty exhaust pipe

too much fuel than air due to clogged air cleaners or incorrect fuel adjustment

The Firing Order Is Not Okay

Lings are damaged or valves need to be cleaned

Black smoke indicates unburned fuel, so we have to clean or change air cleaner or check the intake system devices

Black smoke in a diesel engine is normal but if black smoke goes out not normal even idle you need to balance the injectors

Check the tailpipe on your exhaust system. If it is moist with a dark to black and it smells like oil then you are burning oil. If the tailpipe is moist and it does not have a slippery feel then there is too much fuel being dumped into the engine. Yes, there are times that the tailpipe is black and dry due to the same issue of too much fuel.

over-fueling due to the faulty injection pump, injector timing, contaminated of poor quality fuel, blocked air filter or restricted air inlet...

From airside,

Turbocharger filter dirty, any fault of t/c compressor side, turbine side, t/ c blade damage, not enough air supply

From Fuel side,

Fuel ejectors hole enlarged due to worn out, excessive fuel due to fuel rack wrong adjustment, the wrong grade of fuel, timing fault, fuel pump fault, fuel pump Plunger's fault, lack of maintenance on engine components

What is the cause of white smoke, blue smoke

White smoke:

Incomplete burning or presence of water in fuel,

fuel not burning entirely or faulty glow plugs, low engine compression, stuck thermostat, faulty injector spray pattern

Blue Smoke:

coolant is getting leak to exhaust system signs of overheating

burning oil in the cylinders due to worn rings

caused by engine oil being burned in the cylinder due to either broken piston rings/worn cylinder walls and worn valve guides

Difference between white smoke and black smoke

The difference is white smoke is coolant consumption, likely caused by head gasket leak. And black smoke is oil consumption.

black smoke is caused usually by unburned fuel due to poor combustion and white smoke is caused by engine loose compression usually worn-out internal engine parts.

The different causes of white smoke and black smoke the white smoke is checking injectors and injection pump and black smoke cause piston rings or even a valve steam seal and air filter.

one of The causes of black smoke will foley ejector nozzle the pressure may be low or as A derbele so that in the combustion chamber the ratio air-fuel mixture was not proportional or reach mexter.white smoke may cause disturbed injection timing or lose of compression

If the engine is bringing out water and black smoke from exhaust what is the cause

If it's gasoline and you see that first check airline restriction because water is a by-product of complete combustion but at times if the vehicle is idling, it will accumulate in the exhaust line so when you apply a bit of rev, it pushes the water out but if the air cleaner is clogged it will do with a bit of black smoke so you myt wanna check yo airline first. Before going to bigger things. So such questions require you to be precise


black smoke is fuel, piston rings are worn

Light blue smoke might be valve stem seals

blue smoke you are burning oil, a sign of oil in the compaction cheaper

white smoke you are burning steam (might be water inside your pistons)

if diesel the black smoke is an indication of plugged air inlet .if gasoline that means a problem in electric sparking system

Faulty turbocharger, chocked air filters, faulty fuel system or engine due for an overhaul. So there are many factors responsible for it.

Black smoke means that there is a rich mixture which means the ratio of fuel burned is greater than the ratio of air

blue smoke means the engine is burning oil. This can be caused by worn-out piston rings n worn-out valve stem seals

White smoke means carbon monoxide due to not proper combustion of fuel or when the fuel mixture is rich & Black smoke indicates proper combustion or a lean mixture of fuel like diesel engine...

Petrol Engine:

Black smoke- Burning of the too rich mixture of fuel.
White smoke-burning of excessive oils, caused by worn-out oil scraper rings, valve stem seals or PCV valve.

Diesel Engine:

Black smoke-too rich fuel injection
White smoke-excessive oil burning, too lean fuel injection

Rule of thumb, black means an improper proportion of air and gas mixture whereas, for white, that is oil problem like blowby or piston ring clearance is beyond the tolerable limit.

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