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Turbocharger : is mechanical equipment used to increase the power of the engine through increasing the amount of air in the engine ...

What is a Turbocharger and How Does it Work?

What is a Turbocharger and How Does it Work

Turbocharger :
is mechanical equipment used to increase the power of the engine through increasing the amount of air in the engine cylinder

Consists of turbine blades inside its housing ( Driver ) Compress blades inside its housing with the same rotor with a turbine ( Driven ) and oil lib for the sleeves of the rotor.

Operation: As the exhaust gases flow from the engine with high temp as high internal energy can be saved and be used to drive the turbine blades with high speed that's, in turn, drives the Compressor and so partial vacuum occurs on the suction eye and Air is sucked and compressed through the housing to the engine ( Or intercooler before entering cylinders in large engines to reduce air increased temperature to increase air density and can obtain a large amount of air in cylinders ). The rotor of the turbo is also lubricated as a pilot of the engine oil as it operates at high speeds reaches 20000 rpm.

So, Tubo charger is used to increase mechanical efficiency by making the best use of this high thermal energy exiting the engine

What's the definition of a Turbocharger

a turbocharger is driven by exhaust gas which has inside two turbine fan that mounted on turbine shaft the turbine fans rotate clockwise and anticlockwise and admitted fresh air from the air cleaner and send to combustion chamber thorough intercooler and exhaust in the atmosphere

It's a blower that is driven by exhaust gasses to provide dense charge to the engine inlet.

force an additional amount of air into the inlet manifold.it contains a turbine blade and a compressor blade. the turbine blade mounted at the end of exhaust gas, this helps to rotate the blade. the turbine and compressor connected by the same shaft .the turbine rotate the compressor also rotates and the sac compresses the air force into the inlet manifold. the compressor placed at the inlet of the manifold .it contains also intercooler. an intercooler cools the hot air before interning into the manifold because hot air contains less oxygen

Turbocharger boosts engine performance by increasing air density into the intake manifold

Coolling engine and change turbo for vehicle running conditions

What's the function of Turbocharger

To help scatter the engine of exhaust after the power stroke when there is an overlap in valve timing. Then it pressurizes the intake of air to the combustion chamber. Without it, the engine can’t intake a full load of air by itself and can’t exhaust all the spent fuel on its own. It basically just makes the engine way more efficient. 

Compressing air that enters the engine to increase volumetric efficiency

Deliver the air with pressure work with the help of exhaust gas

To deliver cool compressed air to the engine for combustion. The exhaust gas from the engine is routed through the turbocharger which makes it works. In the case of superchargers, its function is the same but it works with the help of belts and pulleys instead of exhaust gas.

To boost engine power and torque

The function of the turbocharger is to supply the engine with enough air for combustion.

A turbocharger comprises two main parts namely the Turbine and compressor which are connected by means of a turbo-Shaft.

Exhaust gases from engine cylinders drive a turbine wheel which in turn drives a compressor wheel through a turbo-shaft.
More air is sucked in through a compressor. This air is then supplied at high pressure to engine cylinders according to a firing order via an intercooler.


It increases efficiency by lowering the atmospheric pressure and increasing the temperature within the cylinder and reuses unburnt air-fuel mixture by recirculating into the cylinder.

It is a method of supercharging the engine by which air is supplied at more than atmospheric pressure which results in producing more power

first, we should very well know the cycle of 4 strokes from 1-2-3-4 to 1 stroke again is call OVERLAP timing 4 is exhaust and start intake this is the main problem to fix turbocharger to rapid blow off exhaust completely,

then the air intake is compressed by turbo to start 2nd compress stroke, this function is made more compression ratio than

without turbo then make the 3rd power stroke to high efficiency if you need higher the compressed air from turbo should be passed intercooler

( aftercooler) to reduce the temperature of air mean density also higher anyhow turbocharger and intercooler should come together it can improve efficiency about 25% or more depending on the design

To boost atmospheric air pressure to required pressure so that combustion can take place so that maximum power can develop with minimum pollutants such as Carbon monoxide, in an internal combustion engine.

The more the turbocharger forces air in and out of the combustion chamber, the more it boosts the engine performance over a non-turbocharger engine

This is an external device that pumps more air into the combustion chamber the more the air pumped the more the power of the engine

What is the purpose of a Turbocharger?

It a dynamic impeller which compresses air to the cylinder to increase power or volume efficiency of the engine

Need a good Air supply to rich air-fuel mixture. Turbochargers supply Air to the Intake manifold(Aftercooler). Increase Engine power.

To make the pressurized gas on the exhaust turn into power resulting in more engine efficiency

The answer is that turbocharger increases artificial air to boost or improve engine efficiency n increases the speed of a car...

Turbochargers are air inlet system it increases volumetric efficiency and improved the engine power 

The objective of a turbocharger is to improve an engine volumetric efficiency by increasing it's the density of the intake gas-producing more power per cycle through every compression.

What Is The Work Of A Turbo Charger In An Engine

The turbocharger also knows as turbo. It's used to take out extra compressed air from the combustion chamber by the exhaust. It also helps to increase the power of an engine.

To boost the power in the engine if u know u will understand if not u could say describe how the turbo works

To compress and increase the air density so that more efficient fuel burning can generate more power at higher altitudes

 A turbocharger is consists of the compressor to compressed air and turbine to inject fuel at compressed air then increase engine efficiency

it increases the volumetric efficiency of an engine by inducing more air into the combustion chamber.

To increase Volumetric efficiency, thereby increased power output

It collects the unburnt gasses and transfers them into the inlet manifold in order to burn it thoroughly hence the power of an engine increase

A turbocharger is a component that is driven by the force of the exhaust gases to increase the volume and speed of air into the inlet manifold in stationary engines(generators or automobiles)

Simply is to increase volumetric efficiency.

It injects compressed air into the engine making it more efficient and it is powered by the exhaust pipe

It works using exhaust pressure. There is a compressor which is connected to the exhaust system and the compressor compress the air and it delivers to the compression chamber

The mechanism compresses the intake air by using the power of heated high-pressure exhaust gas

It increases the air coming from the atmosphere and increases the exhaust smoke to go outside also increase the speed

Types of Turbocharger used in automobile vehicles

                  Single turbo
                  Sequential turbos
                  Twin-scroll turbo
                  VGT Turbo
                  Variable twin-scroll turbo
                  Electric turbo

What Is The Difference Between Turbocharger And Supercharger

A supercharger is driven by engine power turbocharger driven by exhaust gases

 A turbocharger is driven by exhaust from the engine and improve the power of and engine while supercharger driven by the engine used to increase the performance.

Supercharger got a pulley that connects to the crank pulley using a drive belt when the drive is obtained. The turbocharger is driven by exhaust gases on the turbine side which drives the impeller...These are all force induction methods which increases the volumetric efficiency on engines

Turbocharger component which is used to increase the volume of air that enters to combustion chamber mainly to increase its volumetric efficiency of the system as the whole and driven by exhausted gas which means contain both compressor and turbine blades coupled by shaft.but supercharger is driven by mechanism or source power is from the crankshaft that why it is a type of parasitic load but the purpose is similar to the turbocharger to increase the efficiency of an engine.

The supercharger is more superior to turbocharger as based on the New innovation in technology.

What Are The Advantages Of a Supercharger Over a Turbocharger

a supercharger is not dependent on altitude because it's driven by a crankshaft pulley to boost-up but its added load to d engine.that's why it also used in plane engines. turbo boosting is dependent on altitude due to d variance of oxygen level air intake in-ground & up high. that's why no plane engine is turbocharged, only supercharge (if applicable). It is much cheaper & simple to assembly turbo system compared to a more costly supercharger.

Instant boost in supercharger because the drive to crank so but in turbocharger circulation takes time

Supercharger responds according to the rpm and immediately when the engine starts while turbo it needs engine waste products(exhaust gas) to perform its work which is after engine start

Disadvantage Of Turbocharger And Supercharger

In superchargers it's driven by the engine...so it uses some mechanical energy of engine...but in turbochargers, it uses the pressure of exhaust gases and there is no powerless to rotate a turbo charger...this is the main difference between these two guys...but the final purpose is same

Turbos have to spool up Making the power sort of Wind up then go Not really big deal superchargers give you the power consistently I would look up some pics of Dyno graphs To see the small differences

What Causes Exhaust Manifold And Turbo To Glow

  • injectors dripping diesel
  • To much fuel. Or your muffler or catalytic converters are stopped up too much backpressure.
  •  Over fueling check out the injector and diesel pump
  • Turbo diesel has a governor  so the seal might be broken check it
  •  For generator, kindly check your load, Kindly check the air intake pipe from the turbocharger. Check your intercooler and Radiator if they are clean
  • Injector dribbling, Make recondition of Pump and Injectors or at least injectors
  •  Injector leak, fuel-sipping into exhaust manifold thus making them to both glow red hot
  • Replace air filter clog air filter can cause manifold and turbo to glow
  • Your boost limit valve can be faulty
  • Remove downpipe from turbo start engine and check again
  • This issue has a lot of considerations:
                      - the bad injection nozzle tip
                      - clogged air filter
                      - timing delivery very retarded
                      - turbocharger seal ring compressor side ( oil leak)
                      - wrong valve clearance adjustment
  • It's a very normal thing when a diesel engine is stroking full bore. Frac pump engines have four turbos and they all glow at night. It's a beautiful sight

What causes the damage of injectors and turbocharger

On turbos short oil supply. On injectors too much heat or wrong fuel filled.

Among other things could be a mechanical failure, inferior type of fuel, lack of service on components, oil starvation, human error, inferior components...

bad diesel can damage element Pump and if the oil is not entering injector it will knock the shaft and destroy the injector

the engine is shocking dust from air filter when bad or not having air cleaner filter can damage the turbo

A turbocharger can also damage when you just stope the vehicle and the same time you turn off your Engine while the Impeller is still rotating inside the Turbocharger can also be the cause, Even when starting the vehicle let the Engine on idling for 5_10 min to let the oil lubricate all parts of the Turbocharger

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